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Ok, I got it
Tae : To jump, smash and destroy with the foot.
Kwon : To strike, smash and destroy with the hand or fist.
18674 hits
Do : Art or way
If you have any pics or vids get them to me and I will put them on here asap.
My Pages
class times in Crosby

Sat - St Mary's sport cen (mixed class 11-12.30pm) LIVERPOOL ROAD

Sun - St Mary's sport cen (mixed class 11-12.30pm)
                          (Black belts 12.30-2pm)

Mon - Blundellsands Methodist church (mixed class 6.15 - 8.15)MERSEY ROAD

Tue - Blundellsands Methodist church (childrens class 6 - 7.30pm)
                                          (Teens & adults   7.30-9pm)

Other areas

Mon - Ainsdale - Sacred Heart church hall, Liverpool Rd (4.30 - 5.45pm)
Matthew Latham won student of the year 2008.

He is committed and focused and attends a lot.

Matthew Johnson is now student of the year -2009.

Mr Walsh
To get your next belt, I will expect you to try your best in the following areas.

Good class attendence
Learn your book/knowledge (I will be asking questions)
Good patterns, 3 and 2 step upto your level
Paying attention and no messing in class!!!!!!!!!
Senior black belts
Darren Walsh 4th degree
David Shanks 2nd degree
David Bradley 2nd degree
Well done to the 8 students who got their black belt on SUN 7/01/07. (Sorry, somehow the picture will not show at full size)
If you want to learn your patterns outside class, please look on you tube and type in the name of your pattern.
Black belt grading on 18/3/07.
10 more black belts. Grading Sunday 14/7/07
5/12/04 Seminar in Formby
Check out their web site www.ictf-web.com
Seminar with Master Steiner from America. 3/10/05 Formby High School.
50 years of Taekwondo experience
Coloured belt grading at St Mary's sports centre 12/3/06.
Students beating each other up
Seminar with Master Steiner and Grand Master Kong
9th degree Grand Master Steiner
9th Degree Grand Master Kong Young Il (back kick)
by the way he is 62 years old


1st   David Shanks
2nd Tony Simmons
3rd   ----------------

Age 14 - 17:-

1st   Eddie Jones
2nd   Lexie Taylor
3rd   Darren English

Age 10 - 13:-

1st   Chris Aindow (Ainsdale)
2nd Owen Kelly
3rd   Joe Kelly

Age 5 - 9:-

1st Calvin Catton
2nd Becky Wright
3rd Connagh Kelly

Special awards for hard work:-

Olivia Taylor
Nick Azari
Darren English
3 day visit by
9th Degree
Grand Master Steiner
June 20,21,22
See new page
for over 40 pictures
Mr Ansen Steiner
3rd degree
Grand Master Steiner
Mr Eddie Jones has won student of the year 2007. He was picked for his inspirational attitude and indomitable spirit throughout the year.